Programmer specializing in Haskell and other FP languages
Linux and open-source enthusiast

Raleigh, NC USA

If you are emailing me or otherwise sending data, consider encrypting with my public key:

Fingerprint for this key: BE3C 1A81 1CBF 3A3A C3A6 518A 9F0F 9E57 501A E8C5


Take a look at my resume: html or markdown

My projects

My more recent work is hosted at darcshub. Take a look at this exciting stuff!

Older projects are on our own server here

darcs is very powerful, distributed version control software. It's available for the major platforms.

If something I've done has been useful and you feel compelled, donations welcome
Bitcoin: 12Zn3wxN5jwTJdjEPYQWHxvqnintvwdFbw

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