programmer, Linux and open-source enthusiast

Raleigh, NC USA

If you are emailing me or otherwise sending data, consider encrypting with my public key: 501AE8C5-dino-pub.asc

Fingerprint for this key: BE3C 1A81 1CBF 3A3A C3A6 518A 9F0F 9E57 501A E8C5

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My projects

A selection of some of my work.

bak Script for automating nightly machine backups using rsync (bash) source
epub-metadata Library for parsing epub document metadata (Haskell) source
epub-tools Command line utilities for working with epub files (Haskell) source
grolprep FCC GROL exam prep web application (Haskell) source
hscrtmpl Haskell shell script template (Haskell) source
hscurses-fish-ex hscurses swimming fish example (Haskell) source
hsmisc A collection of miscellaneous modules (Haskell) source
livid LIst of VIDeos media browse/playback web app (Haskell, Coffeescript) source
photoname Rename photo image files based on EXIF shoot date (Haskell) source
projmd Organize info about projects into a block of Markdown (Haskell) source
scripts Miscellaneous scripts (bash, Haskell, Perl) source
spectrahex Colored hexes puzzle game (Android, Scala) source
sshtun Wrapper daemon to manage an ssh tunnel (Haskell) source
timesheet Add up timesheet values (Haskell) source
uacpid Userspace Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon (Haskell) source
wallaby Wallpaper picker app (Android, Java) source

If you'd like, browse everything we've got in source control on our server.


These projects are maintained using very powerful distributed version control software called darcs. It's available for the major platforms.

Each of these source links above is also the URL for cloning the source code with darcs. Like this:

$ darcs get

If something I've done has been useful and you feel compelled, donations welcome
Bitcoin: 12Zn3wxN5jwTJdjEPYQWHxvqnintvwdFbw

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