Dino Morelli



Honu Apps LLC (Raleigh, NC, USA)

2014 Nov to present - Co-founder, Software Engineer

Mobile development and REST consulting services

Panasonic Weather Solutions (Morrisville, NC, USA)

2011 Mar to present - Senior Software Engineer

Producing weather forecast products on high-performance computing

Android software

2010 Jun to 2011 Mar

Development of titles for Android, published on Google Play

Burlington Aviation Technology School (Burlington, VT, USA)

2009 Aug to 2011 Jun - Software Engineer (contract)

Custom web-based education solutions for Avionics students

AT&T Network Security (Morrisville, NC, USA)

2007 Oct to 2009 Jun - Software Engineer (contract)

The Network Security group responding to spam and copyright
violation complaints

McClatchy Interactive (Raleigh, NC, USA)

2007 May to 2007 Sep - Software Engineer (contract)

Newspaper industry, web presence. Perl, Haskell programming

Qualcomm (Cary, NC, USA)

2006 Jul to 2006 Dec - Senior Software Engineer (contract)

Perl programming in Linux and UNIX environments

Network Appliance (RTP, NC, USA)

2005 Dec to 2006 May - Tools and Automation Engineer (contract)

SnapManager for Oracle group. Perl programming in Linux and
UNIX environments

Open source software development

I have been a contributor to open-source projects, mostly Haskell:
xmobar, cabal-install, darcs, TagSoup.

I maintain my own open-source projects including: epub-tools,
epub-metadata, uacpid, hscrtmpl, photoname, grolprep. These projects
are hosted and documented in detail on darcshub
and listed on github.

I am experienced in epub creation and maintain the epub edition of
"(Nothing But) Flowers" by John G. McDaid, a Creative Commons licensed work of fiction.


Functional Programming Principles in Scala
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne via Coursera

Statistics 1
Princeton University via Coursera