Library for parsing epub document metadata (Haskell)


Library for parsing and manipulating epub document metadata. Supports epub versions 2 and 3.

This library was constructed by studying the IDPF specifications for epub documents found here for version 2.x and here for version 3.x

Why was this done?

The motivation for this project grew out of my desire to take charge of missing or incorrect epub metadata in books I have purchased. I started out using the Calibre open source tools for examining this info. Limitations and incomplete implementation of those tools led me here to build a more complete implementation in the programming language that I love beyond all others.

Why didn't I just use existing solutions?

Calibre ebook-meta utility

I experienced various problems using this software, such as:

epub on Hackage, epub E-Book construction support library

Using this library

Please see the Haddock documentation or source code for Codec.Epub

This file has a working example of using this library.

Getting source

And once you have it, building the usual way:

$ cabal configure --enable-tests
$ cabal build
$ cabal test
$ cabal haddock
$ cabal install


Build and install with cabal-install: $ cabal update ; cabal install epub-metadata


Dino Morelli <>